Júlia Albertoni, b.1991 Brazil

writer, creative producer, historian & curator. in-between.

lives in London and works in London and Brazil

Selected Cultural Projects

2020 Radio Play The Dream, Researcher and Producer Assistant, London, UK

2018 – 2019 Tarot Terapia, Tarot Reader & Content Creator, Brazil and Italy

2018 Short Film The World Inside, Assistant director & Producer, Florianópolis, Brazil

2018 – 2019, Cultural Heritage Project Onde Está Desterro?, Coordinator, Researcher & Curator, Florianópolis, Brazil

2017 Arts Fair Feira Flamboiã, Event Assistant, Florianópolis, Brazil

2015 and 2016, Academic Fair SEPEX Federal University of Santa Catarina, Event Assistant & Curator, Florianópolis, Brazil

2013, Music Festival Grito Rock, Producer, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2013, Music and Theatre Festival Internacional de Cultura Livre, Event Manager, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2012, Music and Arts Festival Macondo Circus, Marketing & Outreach Manager, Santa Maria, Brazil

2012, Clown Festival I Encontro Internacional de Palhaços da Coxilha, Assistant Producer, Santa Maria, Brazil

2012, Theatre Festival Cenários Possíveis, Producer, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2012, Theatre Youth Festival I Festival Internacional de Teatro Estudantil, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2012, South American Cultural Congress Fora do Eixo, Event Planner & Coordinator, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2012, Acompamento das Redes Rio + 20, Coordinator & Assistant, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2012, Music Festival Grito Rock Florianópolis & São José, Producer & Coordinator, Brazil

2012, Cultural Congress Encontro Pan, Producer & Coordinator, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2011, VI Congress Fora do Eixo, Marketing & Outreach Assistant, São Paulo, Brazil

2011, Music Festival Paredão Pretinho Planeta Atlântida, Music Curator, Brazil

2011, Music Festival Grito Rock, Coordinator, Florianópolis, Brazil

2011, Music Concerts Noites Fora do Eixo, Music Curator & Producer, Florianópolis, Brazil

2011, Arts Festival UFSCtock, Curator & Coordinator, Florianópolis, Brazil

Selected Grants

Elisabete Anderle funding in the area Education and Cultural Heritage, for the development of the project “Onde Está Desterro?”, 2018, Brazil; 

Prêmio Brasil Criativo award for the project Encontro Pan, held at World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, 2013; 

Prêmio Agente Jovem de Cultura award for realising the project Festival Ufsctock, Brazil, 2011. 

Talks & Sessions

Tarot History & Reading – facilitated sessions about Tarot symbols and archetypes at a Co.Madres meeting and Fatto a Femme event; December 2018

History Workshops – facilitated workshop about the history of food and how to use historical documents using an archive of magazine adverts,  22nd March 2019; 28th August 2018

Project Fundraising Workshop – facilitated a session about applying for project funding in the Brazilian context at Ruido Coletivo; May 2013

Panel – was part of the panel “Economia 3D” at Buenos Aires; 2012

Creative Economy Workshop – facilitated a session about creative economies at Tomarrock Festival, 06 to 08 November 2012, Boa Vista, Brazil

Panel – was part of the panel “Art & Culture in The City”, 12th March 2012, Florianópolis, Brazil

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